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Flashback to one of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers in the 1970s, when almost half the new cars coming off its assembly lines have steering column electrical problems, says a pilot fish engineer who was there.”Each steering column wiring harness wa…

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No Parking Zone

This city’s IT department has hired a contractor to help out on the help desk for a few months, and that’s surfacing some longstanding problems, reports a pilot fish on the inside.”The contractor is backfilling for a help desk technician,” fish says…

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Headless, redefined

Flashback to the 1980s, when CRT monitors are very big in this small IT consulting company, according to a pilot fish on the scene.”We used Falco monitors with our minicomputers,” fish says. “Like all computer monitors in those pre-flatscreen days, …

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Email existentialism

IT pilot fish knows from experience that this particular user is guaranteed to cause a facepalm, but she answers the call anyway when the user asks for help locating a lost email.”After remoting into the user’s computer, I asked her for some details…

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